Precision Roofing

Are you looking for precision roofing? Then Della Calce Contracting is who you want to get the job done right… The FIRST time! We specialize in home roofing, roof repair, and any roof maintenance that you may need. For more information about this and other services that we offer, visit us online at

Bathroom Remodel

Do you stare at your bathtub wishing that it was bigger and a place of serenity and relaxation? Have you thought more than once about remodeling or upgrading your bathroom? Whether you chose to fully update your bathroom with new flooring, new fixtures and new lighting or just want to remodel a bathroom with some updating we can help you achieve your goals. Visit us at to view our full list of services and check out our before and after photo gallery.

Finished Basement

When rainy days and cold weather set in, wouldn’t it be great to have a space that’s cozy but still gives you room to spread out? A finished basement can do just that, giving you the additional living and storage space that your family needs! There are a variety of choices available to best fit your home basement remodel and we’ll walk you step by step through them all. For more information, visit us online at

Home Improvement

Della Calce Contracting is ready to assist you with all phases of your home improvement needs from concept to completion, however small or large your project may be. Your ideas and dreams can be turned into an affordable reality! Just let Della Calce Contracting help you! Visit us at and take a look through our photo gallery and and view our full list of services.


Summer is almost over and school is about to start for another year. We all know what comes next… THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Enjoy hosting holiday family gatherings at your house this year by enjoying cooking in and showing off your newly remodeled kitchen! Whether you’re looking for a cabinet re-facing, new countertops, or a fully upgraded and remodeled kitchen, Della Calce Contracting will bring your dreams to an affordable reality! For more information, visit us online at

Dissatisfied With Your Home?

More and more have you found yourself feeling dissatisfied with your home? STOP! Bring those dreams of the perfect finished basement or upgraded kitchen into an affordable reality! At Della-Calce Contracting, we’ll help you from developing your concept to fully completing your job! Improving your home is our pride and passion, so check out to see what we can do for you!

Large or Small Project

At Della Calce Contracting, we’re prepared to assist you with all phases of your home improvement needs from concept to completion. Whether your project is large or small, from maintenance, to updates, to full remodels and additions, we’ll turn your home improvement dreams into an affordable reality. To get started today, visit us online at to view our full list of services and browse our photo gallery!

Home Renovations or Construction

An investment in your home both improves your daily life and adds value to your home. If you’ve been considering home renovations or construction then call Della-Calce Contracting for a free estimate! From bathrooms and kitchens to new additions, adding-a-level, and residential construction, you’ll find excellent quality services. Let us help you transform your dreams into an affordable reality. Visit us at

Fourth of July

After hosting a Fourth of July BBQ this past weekend, have you realized that your kitchen needs to be updated, or that you are just not happy with the kitchen you have? Della Calce can help! Whether your kitchen cabinets just need a facelift, or whether you are in need of a full kitchen remodel, we will help you design the kitchen of your dreams within the budget you can afford. For more information, visit us online at