Creating outdoor deck spaces

The weather is quickly turning away from winter cold and more towards spring warmth, and we are ready to enjoy that warmer weather.

If you have been considering decking options for your home, we hope you give us a call, we are happy to provide a Free Estimate 973-219-1270.

Deck Construction

Are you envisioning warmer days, firing up the grill, and enjoying your new backyard deck? William Della-Calce Construction is the right team for the job!

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Pool deck

Looking to build a deck around your pool that you recently got? At William Della-Calce Construction we have the experience, and in field knowledge, to help allow the project to be completed in a timely manner, and installed correctly.

Deck options near me

Sure feels like Spring is right around the corner doesn’t it?  Time for grilling and hanging out on the back deck. Don’t keep holding off, let’s bring that vision to reality.  Della Calce Contracting is here to help with all of your decking needs. Stop by our website or give us a call today  973-219-1270


Porches Decks Custom Additions

Time to start thinking spring – Porches, Decks, Custom Additions, you name it!  We hope by now you’ve opened your eyes up again from dreaming of what could be!  Don’t be sad though, because when you pick up the phone and call Della-Calce Contracting any of the above mentioned are within reach.  So get started today by reaching out 973-219-1270