Remodel or Build New

Have you been weighing your options of remodeling vs building new? William Della-Calce Construction can provide you answers to your questions and provide prices for both solutions!

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Remodeling or Renovating?

Are you considering remodeling?

From one room, to every room, we are here to help. We have over 20 years’ experience from additions, small renovations, complete home renovations, new home construction, basement / attic renovations, decking and so much more!

Give us a call to go over your project so that we can provide a quote for you 973-219-1270.

Adding a garage to your property

Have you been considering adding on a garage to your property?

From papers, permits, contractors and more, it can become quite a daunting and frustrating task. William Della-Calce Construction takes all that away. We can provide design concepts, handle the paperwork and creation of a schedule. We will keep you updated and informed from start to finish. Give us a call to discuss more, or to get a FREE ESTIMATE call 973-219-1270.

Home Renovation or Addition

Any type of construction on, or in, your home is a major change! You need an experienced and knowledgeable contractor that has the team, craftsmanship, understanding and utmost respect for your home and its surroundings.

It is why many people have and continue to choose William Della-Calce Construction. Allow our 20+ years to work for you!  973-219-1270

Renovation Time!

Are you planning for an upcoming renovation? At Della-Calce Construction we take all the hassle out of the equation. We work closely with you to ensure that you get top notch service, excellent craftsmanship, all while staying on schedule! We hope you reach out today 973-219-1270

Window replacement near me

Are you discovering that your windows just can not properly keep the cold air out anymore? If you have been searching for a contractor that can give you more information on replacing your windows, look no further then William Della-Calce Construction.  Call today for a Free Estimate 973-219-1270.