Remodel your basement today

Are you looking to finally take that leap and get your basement finished?

It is safe to say that we know a thing or two about basement remodels! From start to finish we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the result that you have envisioned. Get your Free Estimate today by calling 973-219-1270.

Need to update your bathroom?

Is your bathroom still stuck in the 80s? While it is true that many things from the 80s are making a comeback, we can all agree that the tubs, toilets and sinks in bright colors including pink, blue or green, are not! What has definitely gone out of style is carpet in bathrooms and wallpapered walls.

At Della-Calce Contracting we make your bathroom to the oasis that you have envisioned, with a new look and modern style!

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Construction review New Jersey

In our field we rely heavily on what our clients have to say. Any company can say they can do the job that they are quoting you for, but the proof is in the pudding when people take the time to write a review:

“Just had some changes done by Bill and the crew. I couldn’t be more happy! Absolutely recommend them, guys were great, professional and the job was done perfectly and on schedule! Reach out to Bill, worth the call, you will be extremely happy with the quality of work! Bill is a great guy, you won’t be disappointed!”


Detached Garage

Are you considering adding a garage onto your property? Allow the experience and knowledge of Della-Calce Construction to get the job done for you. To start your Free Estimate call 973-219-1270.

Hiring the right contractor

The benefit you get when you hire a company like William Della-Calce Construction is not only the experience and craftsmanship, but also the knowledge you get every step of the way.

From plans to permits, inspection, final selections and more, we are here every step of the construction process. See why many people continue to choose and use our services.

North New Jersey Construction Company

For 20+ years, William Della-Calce Construction LLC has been serving the Northern New Jersey area. From kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and basement completions, to additions, new home construction, and much more, our proven quality and superior craftsmanship has continued to stand out.

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Renovation needs? We are your answer

What do you consider the most important room in your home?

Some would say the kitchen, as that is where most family members and friends congregate.

Considering we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, many might suggest their bedroom.

Others would choose their bathroom as the shower is where their greatest thoughts come from or taking a bath is the most relaxing and rejuvenating end to a chaotic day.

A sports fan dad might say that it’s the “man cave” area where he often watches games, whereas a creative mom might say her crafting room or reading nook is her haven!

A lover of the outdoors would say their deck and grilling area is their slice of heaven.

Regardless of which room or area is your “most important”, these areas all have the same thing in common. The team at William Della-Calce Construction can come up with a plan or design to create all or any of these areas! Begin by calling 973-219-1270.

Building onto your existing home?

Are you considering adding on to your existing home? Do you want to keep the look and integrity of your current exterior style? Allow our experience and knowledge to provide you with a picture of what it will look like from a seamless start, to the construction process, to completion!

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