Looking for space?

Looking to make your current living space a bit more open?  Don’t have a DIY turn into a nightmare. Call in the experts.  Here at William Della-Calce Construction we have years of in-field knowledge and experience.  Allow us to save you time and money, while getting the results that you have envisioned!

Garage time

Are you looking to add on, or maybe build that garage that you’ve always dreamed of?  At William Della-Calce Construction, we have all the experience, and knowledge to get the job done. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail speaks for itself. Pick up the phone and call today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to your call – 973-219-1270

Building an Addition

Running out of room and looking to add an addition?

Sometimes real estate is just is not an option for you.  You want bigger, need bigger, but the process just doesn’t add up.  Thinking about having to list your house, sell your house, buy a new house, pack, move, and unpack is daunting within itself.  Not to mention the approval process, and we cringe too at the thought of carrying 2 mortgages.

That’s where Della Calce comes in.  Adding out, adding on, or adding up.  Allow our experience and knowledge to be the answer you needed.  Give us a call and let’s get started today 973-219-1270!


Warmer weather, windows.

Spring is here and warmer temperatures are coming with it. Time to crack open your windows and get all that stale winter air out of your house!  One small problem, your windows won’t open. Time to pick up the phone and reach out to Della-Calce to discuss window options. Call today 973-219-1270.


Remodel or additions

Need more space?  Regardless if you want to build up, or out, we’re here to help.  Sometimes due to structure, zoning, or other obstacles you may not be able to build up.  But when you hire Della-Calce Contracting we do all that work for you. From idea, to draft, to start, to finish we are here every step of the way.  So let’s begin your major renovation today!

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