The Kitchen of your dreams

If you’re like our family, or most families for that matter, the kitchen is the gathering point in your home.  It’s the place where you gather, sit, talk, and join together. So why do you deal with having an impractical layout and concept?  Let’s update that space and make it become the inviting space you want it to be.

Building an Addition

Running out of room and looking to add an addition?

Sometimes real estate is just is not an option for you.  You want bigger, need bigger, but the process just doesn’t add up.  Thinking about having to list your house, sell your house, buy a new house, pack, move, and unpack is daunting within itself.  Not to mention the approval process, and we cringe too at the thought of carrying 2 mortgages.

That’s where Della Calce comes in.  Adding out, adding on, or adding up.  Allow our experience and knowledge to be the answer you needed.  Give us a call and let’s get started today 973-219-1270!