Custom Home

Looking to start a family or move for business?  Whatever your reason,
if you’re consider moving you should think about the infinite
possibilities of having a custom home built to fit you or your
family’s needs!  At Della-Calce, not only do we specialize in
renovations and additions, we have partner architects and the
contracting expertise to make sure your home is built efficiently, in
a timely manner, and according to your specific needs.  Whether you
need a more handicap accessible home or have to accommodate a larger
family, Della-Calce can sit down with you for a consultation and then
be there for you every step of the process.  Call for a free quote at
(973) 219-1270 or visit us online at

Potential in Your Basement

Are you unsure of the potential of your basement?  That cold, dark, and unfinished room could be a great place to spend time or entertain guests.  Della-Calce Contracting can help walk you through the process and provide a variety of choices in flooring and lighting.  Your basement can transform into a multi-functional and welcoming space!  For a FREE quote on home and basement remodeling call Della-Calce Contracting at (973) 219-1270 or visit us online at

Looking To Add a Room To Your House?

Looking to add a room to your house?  At William Della-Calce Contracting we’re experienced, trusted, and deliver quality craftsmanship on all home improvements.  We can make your addition looks like it belongs to the original construction.  To view our gallery of our work and learn more visit us at www.dellacalcecontracting.   For a free quote call (973) 219-1270.  When you call Della-Calce, you can begin to turn your vision into reality.