Building an Addition

Running out of room and looking to add an addition?

Sometimes real estate is just is not an option for you.  You want bigger, need bigger, but the process just doesn’t add up.  Thinking about having to list your house, sell your house, buy a new house, pack, move, and unpack is daunting within itself.  Not to mention the approval process, and we cringe too at the thought of carrying 2 mortgages.

That’s where Della Calce comes in.  Adding out, adding on, or adding up.  Allow our experience and knowledge to be the answer you needed.  Give us a call and let’s get started today 973-219-1270!


Window problems?

Do you need a “prop” to help hold up your window?  It’s time to give us a call and discuss window replacement. Replacing your windows will save you money not only by keeping the cold air in during the summer, but also by keeping the cold air out during the winter!  Call today 973-219-1270.

Hiring the right contractor for the job

For many people, building a new home is just is not in the budget.  Therefore, buying an affordable house and making renovations and updates is a much more affordable option.  Many people think that buying the house is the most important step, but that’s only the first. Choosing the right contractor to get the job done correctly, is equally important, as part of the “investment”, but also what you’ll be living in.  At Della-Calce Contracting we have the experience, knowledge and portfolio to get the job done, right! Reach out today

Building New?

Thinking about building but are not sure where to start or how to begin?  Building is far different from buying a home. At Della-Calce Contracting from the blueprints, to every fixture and paint finish, we work with, and walk with, you every step of the way.  We take all of the stress out of the process, so contact us today to get started.  973-219-1270

Warmer weather, windows.

Spring is here and warmer temperatures are coming with it. Time to crack open your windows and get all that stale winter air out of your house!  One small problem, your windows won’t open. Time to pick up the phone and reach out to Della-Calce to discuss window options. Call today 973-219-1270.


Deck options near me

Sure feels like Spring is right around the corner doesn’t it?  Time for grilling and hanging out on the back deck. Don’t keep holding off, let’s bring that vision to reality.  Della Calce Contracting is here to help with all of your decking needs. Stop by our website or give us a call today  973-219-1270